Meter Readings

To keep the system working efficiently, everyone must do their part. For some customers, the District has installed remote reading meters which do not require that the home owner read their meter monthly.  Every one else is required to read and subit their reading to the District on a monthly basis. An increasing number of meters are not being read, forcing water usage to be estimated.  This is a problem as it hinders the staff in monitoring the flow of water,  the detection of leaks, and other important data that needs to be recorded.  Please read your meters by the 25th of every month !  You may send your reading in with your payment,  you may e-mail it,  you can call it in to the office or drop it by.  Actual meter readings must be done monthly.  If your meter readings aren't submitted to the office by the first business day of the next month, a water district employee will have to read your meter and you will incur an additional $25 fee.

For those rare occasions when you will be out of town or otherwise unable to read your meter in a given month, please let our office know in advance and we will read the meter for you at no charge.  Of course you can read your meter and simply call it in to our office email us the reading.

Thank you to most of our customers who read their meters each month. Your efforts are very much appreciated!