Water Meter Reads


IHWD customers need to turn in a meter reading every month.

Please read your meter after receiving the billing statement and submit it to IHWD BY THE 25th to avoid the $25 fine. This reading can be submitted by including with your bill pay coupon, calling the office,  e-mail, or by texting 303-941-7780.  

Read either the number on the remote water meter which is located outside of the house where the District's employees can easily get to it or you can read the the number on the actual water meter which is located where the water line enters the house (usually in a utility room, crawl space, or sometimes in a meter pit - only a few of those remain).  The main meter turns over every 10 gallons and the remote meter turns over every 100 gallons. The two readings should be the approximately the same; if not, please let us know.  

If you have problems or would like a little more help understanding where or how to read the meter please give our office a call.

The District is gradually upgrading the meter system to a Beacon meter starting with meters that have over 1,000,000 gallons on them. Beacon customers do not have to send a reading - usage data is collected online. We have budgeted to upgrade 50 meters per year at an annual cost of $10,000 and it will take about 7 years to complete the upgrade. 

Thank You for your cooperation.