Water Meter Reads


Remember, each IHWD customer has to read their own water meter.

Some customers have had the District recently install a remote reading water meter and do not have to physically read and report their meter reading to the District since the reading is reported to the District office automatically every month.  For everyone else, please read your meter by the 20th of each month and submit it to IHWD BY THE 25th to avoid the $25 fine. This reading can be submitted by including with your bill and using the drop off, or by phoning the office or by e-mail.  

It is very important for us to have accurate and timely readings.

Read either the number on the remote water meter devise which should be located outside of the house where the District's employees can easily get to it or read the the number off of the actual water meter which is located in the meter pit (only a few of those remain) or it is located where the water line enters the house.  Both readings should be the approximately the same; if not, let us know.  

Please simply email your meter reading the Indian Hills Water District (see main page for e-mail address). If you have problems or would like a little more help understanding what or how to read the meter please give our office a call.

Thank You for your cooperation.