In 2011 the District received a letter from one of its stand-by customers following a water rate increase the District put into place that year.  The longtime customer wanted to know why she had to continue to pay her monthly bill even though the house was empty and the water had been shut off for many months.

One of the Board members responded in a letter to the customer.  Here is his response.

Dear Indian Hills Water Patron,

We apologize for our delay in response to your letter, as our Board meets only once a month.  Your letter has been presented to the Indian Hills Water District Board of Directors, one of whom has then taken the time to personally respond to you in this letter.

As you may have noticed, prices are going up, gas, materials, electricity, phone, groceries, etc.  However, Indian Hills Water District (IHWD) has kept the water bills as low as possible with minimal increases.

The Denver Water Board and most other Water Districts in the Denver Metro Area - just raised their basic "service charge" rates up by 14.6% or more.  Rates are going up because the cost of delivering quality water has gone up.

Indian Hills Water District raised the monthly minimal rate by less than 6%.  This action was based upon increased costs due to regulatory requirements, electricity, gas, filters, etc.

The property of concern is connected to the Water District and water is available 24X7 at the property address.  Previously the home owner chose to turn the water valve off, perhaps that action was to keep the house pipes from freezing and breaking during winter.  Water is ready for the homeowner to use at anytime - just as soon as the homeowner wants to turn the water valve back on.

Some Indian Hills residents have paid water taps and are not actually connected (no pipes connect the home to the IHWD) to receive water - yet they are required to pay a monthly basic bill as well.

The Indian Hills Water District does allow homeowners to surrender their water tap rights and completely disconnect from the water system.  Such action, could possibly adversely impact the value of the residence and property value due to not having running water available.  Once surrendered, if a future water tap would be desired, then the homeowner would be required to apply, if approved, pay the water tap fee (currently in 2011 it is $15,000), pay to have a plumbing company connect the water tap,etc.  IHWD Board does not recommend surrendering of water taps, due to the future expense the homeowner would incur and the potential adverse impact to the property value.

While we all feel this bad economy, unfortunately we are not able to lower your minimal monthly water bill for your property here in Indian Hills.