Can there be a well and IHWD water service at the same property?

Yes, a house can have both IHWD water service and an operational well.  However, there can be no connection between the two water supplies.  This is called a cross connection and is not allowed for a number of reasons, the most important being contamination of the IHWD water supply from the water coming from a private well.   IHWD has a Cross Connection Hazard Control program in place that spells out the requirements, a copy of the program is provided below.  If you have questions or would like to have an inspection made of your connections by an IHWD person please contact our office to schedule an appointment.


as required by Article 12, Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations

1.    This objective of this program is to have no un-controlled cross connections which may endanger the quality of the Indian Hills Water District Water System.

2.    To date, every residence has been inspected at the time the residence was connected to the District water system to insure no cross connections to another water supply exist.

3.     The Indian Hills Water District Rules and Regulations prohibits any form of cross connection.

Section 7.3 specifies "Piping of water from the District water system and water from other sources, such as private wells, shall be installed in such a manner as to eliminate any cross connection. The District will inspect all such installations."

Section 7.4 specifies "Backflow, which is the flow of water or other liquids into the distribution mains of the Districts water system, is prohibited. Where a potential backflow is present, a protective device(s) or system(s), as may be prescribed by the District, shall be installed to prevent its occurrence."

Paragraph 6 of the General Specifications addendum states "Cross Connections will not be allowed. There cannot be any common piping between systems, this includes mixing valves."

Section 5.10, Section 6.4, and paragraph 7 of the addendum all provide for the authorization of inspections by the Indian Hills Water District. These inspections are made at the time of installation of water service, whenever any changes are made to the water service lines, and, at any other time as deemed necessary by the District. The inspection of the system includes inspection for any cross connection or a backflow condition which has the potential of creating a hazard to the Districts water system.

4.      All inspections shall be documented. Documentation must include if cross connections or potential hazardous backflow conditions exist. All inspection documentation will be maintained in the customer files and updated whenever a new inspection of the premises is made.

5.     Any installation of backflow devices shall be inspected and approved by the Water District. Backflow devices shall be inspected annually to insure proper operation. All inspections shall be documented. Testing records must be maintained for a minimum of three (3) years.