Posted 04/07/2017 -  Recently it has come to the District's attention that there are a few of the District's customers who have connected a second structure on their property to the District's water service line. Under current regulations, additional connections to a residential service line must be approved by the IHWD Board of Directors and inspected by IHWD Operation personnel prior to use.  These additional connections are not allowed for any structures that  will be used as living space (i.e. residential structure).  These non-approved connections to any building other than the original house that the water tap was approved for must be disconnected or the home owner must ask the Board of Directors for an approval of the connection of the water service line to the additional structure. (a separate structure used as living space will currently not be approved).  Connection to non-approved 2nd structures could result in water shutoff or water tap forfeiture.

The Board has been asked to review this policy to determine if there are alternatives including assessing a one-time and monthly fee for any additional structures connected to service line on a customers property.  Any additional structures would first have to have approval for that structure from Jefferson County Health and Building departments.  Please let the office know if you would like to attend the next IHWD Board meeting to weigh in on this discussion.



Posted 3/1/2017 -  The Indian Hills Water District Board of Directors received and approved applications for the 2 water taps that were available for sale in 2017. At the February 16th meeting of the IHWD Board of Directors, the applications were approved allowing the applicants to purchase the water taps at $25,000 each.  No additional water taps will be available for 2017.  During the November 2017 meeting of the IHWD Board of Directors the Board will decide if any water taps will made available for sale in 2018.  If water taps are made availble for 2018, water tap applications will be accepted at the District office no sooner than the first business day in 2018.  Any questions please contact the IHWD office.


Posted 3/15/17 - The IHWD office continues to hear from a few customers who seem to be having problems using the District's web site to send in their meter readings. If our office manager, Kristin, does get your e-mail with your meter reading, she will provide a response e-mail to let you know the meter reading has been received.  Kristin wants to remind you that you can still call in your meter reading to the District's office phone 303-697-8810 or you can include your meter reading with your payment either by USPS or by using the free mail slot in the IHWD shop door at 4491 Parmalee.   Question? Just give Kristin a call.


Posted 10/19/2016  - As has been the case since 2011,The Indian Hills Water District Board of Directors has voted to once again not raise water rates for 2017. This has been accomplished through various cost controls and savings and conservative use of water by our customers.  


Posted 9/10/2016 - Jefferson County released the Indian Hills Groundwater Quality modeling project report which we recommend reading.  You can find this report at the folllowing link: