The following is from the Indian Hills Rules and Regulations

Water License applications will be accepted for consideration during month long application periods beginning January 1 of each year, and continuing as necessary in each month thereafter. All applications received by the District will be considered at the meeting of the Board held in the month following the close of the application period. Applications will continue to be accepted and considered until the annual quota of licenses has been issued by the District. Due to the limited number of remaining licenses, the district will only issue a very limited number of licenses in any one calendar year. 

The license shall be issued in the following order of priority:

  1. Applicants experiencing hardship conditions on improved premises;
  2. Applicants with improved premises;
  3. Applicants with unimproved premises.
  4. in the event that applicants are appplying for the same condition, licenses will be awarded using the earliest date received as of January 1st.

"Improved premises" means property with an inhabitable structure for which a certificate of occupancy has been issued by the appropriate authority.

"Hardship Conditions" refer to circumstances which, because of inadequacy or unpotability of the water supply available to the property, the owner or occupants of such property are unable to meet or satisfy their daily living requirements. Hardship conditions of applicants will be examined and evaluated on an application by application basis. Hardship conditions can be related to the quality and/or quantity of water available for use on the property.

If the hardship is claimed on the basis of quality of water, the application must be accompanied by a report of testing performed on the water supply for the property. Testing will be done by a qualified laboratory and the cost of testing will be paid by the applicant.

If the hardship is claimed on the basis of quantityof water, the applicant shall have had a well recovery test or other appropriate procedure performed by a qualified well testing firm within six months prior to the date of application. The report of such tests must be submitted with the application. The cost of testing will be paid by the applicant.

The District reserves the right to conduct its own quality and/or quantity testing of the applicants well(s) at the District’s expense in order to validate the testing results submitted by the applicant.

The District will accept only one application per person each year. Licenses shall not be issued for more than one premises owned by the same person or related persons each year.

If the license application is approved by the District, the application fee will be applied toward the applicant’s line inspection charges.

Licenses approved by the District must be paid for in full within 90 days of the approval or the approval shall automatically terminate and the application fee will not be refunded.

License applications not considered in any one year shall be returned, along with the accompanying fee, upon the District’s issuance of the maximum number of licenses for each year. License applications not considered must be submitted in the following year to be considered.

Please contact the IHWD office with questions about hardship requirements or to get a water tap application.