Late Fee Assessment.  On a regular monthly basis, a few of our customers receive an unread meter fee of $25 in their water bill. The assessed penalty is imposed if the meter reading is not received by the District by the end of the grace period, which is the first of the month. The fee has been in effect for many years.  Many of our customers are very timely remitting their meter readings either with their bill payment or leaving a message on the Water District Office phone or sending an e-mail. The District thanks all of you for this. When a meter reading is not submitted, the District Operators need to go out and individually read meters (and sometimes face hazards like dealing with pets, overgrown bushes and locked fences).  As you might imagine, this meter reading work is not anticipated and increases the District's expenses.  Our water rates are high enough and the Board of Directors does not want to raise the rates further but we must control our expenses.  Please help us by submitting meter reading by the 25th of the month.  If you are going to be out of town for any length of time and will not be home to read the meter, please let us know and we will read your meter for you and no penalty will be imposed.  Thank you,