Indian Hills Water District

Water System Delivery Snapshot

Indian Hills Water District (IHWD) serves approximately 1100 residents with 400 water service connections. The Distribution System consists of 3 pressure zones, each with water storage tanks at the high point of each zone creating a gravity fed system for water and fire needs. On average, annual usage is 13-15 million gallons or 36,000-40,000 gallons per day. (25-30 gpm).

Zone 1 – Is the lowest in elevation of the three zones and is located at the lower end of the valley around the post office. It’s water comes from:
WTP01 (behind the post office) (currently used as emergency back-up.)
WTP02 – This plant is at South Turkey Creek near Tiny Town and has a gallery well, well #11 (702’ deep) and well#12 (1000' deep). This plant utilizes advanced membrane filtration as well as ultraviolet (UV) in addition to the normal Chlorine disinfection procedures.  Zone 1 has two (2) 100,000 gallon water storage tanks.

 Zone 2 – This zone is primarily fed through a booster station from Zone 1. This zone is basically in the center of the Valley with storage tanks on Picutis Rd. It can however, be directly back fed from Zone 3.  Zone 2 has 100,000 gallons of water storage capacity.

Zone 3 – Primary water sources for this Zone is water from our Upper Well field (UWF) which is treated at WTP03. This plant also utilizes  advanced membrane filtration as well as UV and Chlorine dis-infection. There are two primary wells that provide water for this Treatment Plant and a newly activated Nitrate Removal plant which reduces Nitrates in the water by up to 50%.  This zone includes most of the upper valley near the IH Fire Department including all of Alpine Village.  Zone 3 has 2 tanks with 210,000 gallons of total water storage.

Under normal conditions with adequate water available, WTP02 (Turkey Creek) is the primary system water for Zone 1, Zone 2 and 50% of Zone 3. 

NOTE: WTP01 means Water Treatment Plant #1 and so on.